Signing with Zildjian Cymbals & more.


It’s been a while since I’ve updated my website and there have been some amazing changes so far! Last summer has been one hell of a ride. I’ve played over 45 (!!) festivals with Jick Munro & The Amazing Laserbeams. Every show has truly been incredible and so much fun. Small highlights of the summer are our shows at Zwarte Cross Festival (check out this video) and Palm Parkies Breda (check out this picture), where we played a headline show in front of 12.000 people. Next to all the Jick Munro craziness, I’ve played on a couple records and projects including Aerographs, A├»cha Cherif and Solomon. You can listen to some songs I’ve played on in the “Audio” section of my website. Last but definitely not least… I’ve signed with Zildjian Cymbals!!! I have been playing Zildjian all my life and to be a part of this amazing family is incredible… I’m so excited about the future!